One Way Out episode #13

Jas was offered the promise of an engineering job in New Canaan. As he slowly rode into town he could see this was a ghost town. As he got down from his horse the bell from the church steeple started ringing. As he slowly approached the open door he could hear a man preaching. Jas was some what confused why Joshua Murdock would bring him here. He told Jas who he was and motioned for him to come in. He told Jas that he had sent for him a long time ago and that he took a great deal of time getting here. Jas told him it was a long ride from where his letter found him. Jas told him he didn't understand why he brought him there. Joshua told him that he made him a generous offer and Jas agreed. He was quite pleased with Joshua's offer or else he wouldn't have traveled 300 miles to get there; he had thought he might have a job with a future there. Jas told him he didn't need a surveyor or an engineer in New Canaan. "Mr. McCord! We led our people out of this promise land. New Canaan will be the birth place of a great race!" "The fountain head of a great new nation!" In his letter to Jas, Joshua told him he wanted him to lay out streets, draw up topographical maps, plan a new water system, do preliminary for a railroad and a telegraph. Joshua said that was all he dreamed of for twenty-five years for New Canaan. Jas told him that New Canaan was abandon and it may have had its day, but it was dead now. Joshua didn't pay any attention to what Jas was saying, he starting preaching again. Jas shook his head, turned and started to walk out when he saw two men standing in the doorway. As he continued on, the two men drew their guns and forced Jas back into the church. When they got Jas to the broken down pews, they kneeled and took their hats off and motioned for Jas to do the same. Jas was confused as he watched the two men trying to figure out what was going on. The two men kept their guns on Jas while they hung on to every word Joshua was saying. "Mr.'re welcome to sit with my sons, but carrying a weapon is an abomination in the eyes of the almighty," said Joshua. "I'm being held by these weapons. Isn't that an abomination?" Asked Jas. " know my commandments against weapons and instruments of this house. Take them out!" Said Joshua. Micah them gathered up the weapons and took them outside. "Look Murdock, I went to a lot of trouble to get must have had something in mind besides Bible reading!" Stated Jas. "Let's have it!" He told Jas this was the Sabbath and they would discuss business another day. Jas told him to discuss it now or he wouldn't be here another day. Joshua leaned over the table and said....."Mr. will be here the rest of your days!" As Jas started to leave Malachi stopped him. Jas hit him and he landed in some broken down pews. Jas started towards the door when Micah came through the door. Joshua started preaching as his two sons and Jas fought. As the three men fought, the two sons got the best of Jas and it was Malachi who got the last hit in and knocked Jas unconscious. He then placed Jas on the table before his father.

When Jas came to, he was alone. He got down from the table, put on his hat and slowly walked to the door. He looked out but couldn't see anyone, even his horse was gone. As he started down the street of New Canaan he could hear music coming from the saloon. Jas walked in to see the three of them inside. Jas walked over to Joshua and told him he wanted his horse. Joshua told him his horse was being cared for. Jas told them he wanted his horse and he wanted it now! Malachi told him his horse needed rest. Jas turned and started out the saloon, he was getting out of there even if he had to walk. But Micah stopped him and forced him up to the bar. Joshua told him they had gotten off to a bad start and couldn't understand why he wanted to leave. "Murdock.....I rode 300 miles for a job with you. Instead your sons work me over, they steal my horse, my gun, my saber.....what is it you want with me?" The boys told Jas how their father and two other men started New Canaan. Joshua had started the bank, the General Store and the Saloon. They told Jas that their father wasn't a real ordained preacher and that he took up preaching after the town started to thin out and when Obadiah, Joshua's first born got killed. Joshua was blaming the death of New Canaan on the death of his son, Obadiah. "Corporal Obadiah Murdock was killed at the battle of Bitter Creek.....not by Indians alone.....but by you.....Mr. McCord!" "You killed him as surely as if you had put a bullet through his heart," said Joshua. Now Jas knew why he was brought here. "The Lord says he who kills a man shall be put to he has done!" "So it shall be done to him.....fracture for fracture.....eye for an eye.....a tooth for a tooth." Joshua wanted to even the score, he felt the battle of Bitter Creek was never finished because Jas still lives. Joshua told Jas it would resume there at daybreak, where it left off. Jas didn't understand how Joshua was going to manage this, but it didn't take long for him to find out.

They took Jas over to the Jail. There he found they had Grey Eagle locked up in one of the cells. Jas asked Grey Eagle if he remembered him. He said he did. Jas told Joshua that Grey Eagle was one of the Apache chief's who signed the treaty with General Reed and asked why he brought Grey Eagle here. Chief Grey Eagle is one of the respected elders of his tribe. Jas told Joshua that Grey Eagle wasn't at Bitter Creek. Joshua said that Chief Grey Eagle was easy to lure away and capture. Joshua told Jas that he would hold him as a hostage to guarantee that his sons who he had selected to battle Jas will do their best to kill Jas.

Joshua then led Jas to another cell. There he saw Chief Grey Eagle's two sons, Red Arm and Blue Hawk. Red Arm and Blue Hawk were both at Bitter Creek, Red Arm couldn't speak because of a neck wound he received there. Joshua told Jas the unfinished battle of Bitter Creek will be renewed at sunrise. "You're pitting me against two Indians?" Asked Jas. Joshua told Jas that was the odds when the battle took place, two Indians to one army man. He told Jas that he would start at one end of the street and the Indians at the other. None of them would know where the others are. He told Jas he would be carrying his saber and the Indians would be carrying their knives. He told Jas if he made it through the battle he may ride safely away, but they weren't suppose to consider joining forces. He said that his sons would take great pain in making sure that does not happen.

The next morning at dawn the battle began. Jas started through the town, quietly checking to see where Red Arm and Blue Hawk where. Jas was about to enter one of the vacant building when Blue Hawk called to Jas in a whisper. "McCord!" He looked around and then approached Jas. "I could have killed you, but I have no wish to open the wound of Bitter Creek," said Blue Hawk. Jas was relieved and told Blue Hawk he didn't want to either. Jas told him they had to find guns and get Grey Eagle out of the jail. Blue Hawk agreed. Jas told Blue Hawk that they should divide their attention and that he would move up the other side of the street. Micah had been watching them from the saloon and knew that Blue Hawk could have killed Jas. Jas didn't get far when he heard several shots. Micah killed Blue Hawk; he shot him in the back.

Jas knew he had to be more careful. He crept quietly to the jail house and saw Malachi inside with his back towards him, cleaning his gun. Jas took his saber and threw with the handle hitting the back of Malachi head, knocking him out. Jas then went and got his gun and took the key to the jail and released Grey Eagle. Jas told him that he had tied Red Arm up at the Blacksmith's. Grey Eagle asked about Blue Hawk. Jas didn't get a chance to answer him because Micah came running in ready to shoot, but Jas shot him first. Malachi came to and jumped threw the window, escaping. Jas went after him and motioned for Grey Eagle to follow. When Jas got to the Blacksmith's, Joshua was there. Jas told him the battle was over. As Jas saddled his horse, Joshua told him he couldn't run a second time. Jas kept saddling his horse while Joshua kept preaching at him about vengeances. "Forget you vengeance Murdock! You can't bring old things back. Not Bitter Creek.....not your son.....not this town!" Said Jas. He told Jas he build New Canaan for his son, Obadiah. Jas told him they were both dead and to let them go. As they were standing there auguring, Malachi crept up to the door of the stable and took aim, he was just about ready to shoot Jas when Red Arm came up behind him and stabbed him in the back. Malachi's gun went off shooting Joshua, his father. As he lied on the ground with his dying breath he said to Jas....."As he hath it shall be eye....."

As Jas was getting ready to ride off, Grey Eagle and Red Arm approached him. "Let's us hope that the battle of Bitter Creek.....may now be over Captain McCord," said Grey Eagle. "It is a black mark the white man will not let the Apache forget." Jas smiled at him and said....."They won't let me forget it either." Jas then turned and said....."Red were at Bitter Creek.....we fought against each you know what happened?" "I I got away?" Red Arm shook his head. Jas then looked at Grey Eagle, hoping for an answer. But there was no answer given. The three men went their separate ways.

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