Bill Quinn
aka Sweeney - The Bartender 
North Fork Saloon aka Last Chance Saloon

Date of birth - May 6, 1912 ~ New York, New York
Date of death - April 29, 1994 ~ Camarillo, California

He was in the1914 Broadway show Daddies at the age of 2.  Bill Quinn made his first film debut in silent films as a child in 1918 at age 6 as a pupil in  The New School Teacher (1924).

He didn't appear in another film until 36 years later. He worked in vaudeville, theatre, radio, films and television.
Besides The Rifleman he appeared in recurring roles on several TV shows including  McHale's Navy (1963-1966) ― The Odd Couple (1970-1973) ― Please Don't Eat the Daises (1966-1967) ― McMillan & Wife (1974-1977) ― Archie Bunker's Place.  You could see him from time to time on the Bob Newhart.  His daughter, Virginia, was married to the show's star Bob Newhart.  He occasionally would appear on Mary Tyler Moore as Walter Richards, Mary's father.  He even played Dr. McCoy's father on Star Trek (1989).
 He has starred in  everything imaginable.....Drama, Crime, Comedy, Film-Noir, War, Adventure, Thrillers, Action, Romance, Westerns, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror, Musicals, Fantasy, Family and Music.  He has played everything from a Deputy, Doctor, Chief of Police, Coroner,  Conductor, Military Officer, of course a bartender and more.

He appeared with Chuck in Arrest and Trial as Judge Tesmann (1963-1964).

Sweeney, the Bartender, was first introduced on The Rifleman in the episode The Marshal

 I always enjoyed seeing him and wanted to see more of him as we did in the episode Seven.  This is the one where Seven Prisoners are being transferred to Yuma.  The prisoners manage to escape and head for the saloon.  They take Sweeney hostage.  This episode shows a Mrs. Sweeney.  You can hear Mrs. Sweeney say Sweeney's first name, did you hear it?

In Duel of Honor we hear Groder call him Frank.

I also enjoy Deadly Image too.  Where Lucas has a double, Earl Bantry.  The part in the saloon with Bantry and Sweeney is great!  I thought Bantry was going to pull Sweeney right off that ladder.

Isn't he adorable in 'Baranca' when Lucas gets ready to fight Baranca and he put his hat on Sweeney.
He has appeared in The Rifleman as Sweeney the Bartender in 38 episodes..... The Marshal Duel of Honor The Indian The Boarding House One Went to Denver The Deadly Wait The Challenge Three Legged Terror The Woman Stranger at Night Bloodlines   The Blowout Eddie's Daughter Panic The Legacy The Baby Sitter The Coward The Deserter The Lariat Shotgun Man The Jailbird Meeting at Midnight Woman from Hog Ridge Seven Baranca The Illustrator The Silent Knife Miss Bertie Face of Yesterday Closer Than a Brother The Prisoner The Lonesome Bride Gunfire The Deadly Image Lou Mallory Death Never Rides Alone Gun Shy Suspicion

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