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This is a list of character actors whose last name ending in the letter M has appeared on The Rifleman — One Time Only. Whether they have appeared one time only or 168 times, they are just as important as the main characters and/or anyone else involved in The Rifleman. This is just a small tribute to those great many characters actors.
This section of character actors is dedicated to each & everyone one of the character actors that appeared on The Rifleman.
 They're among the most popular and recognizable actors. They may not be A-list stars, but they do something many actors don't. They worked all the time.

Charles Maxwell ― Paul Mazursky
Lin McCarthy ― Renny McEvoy
Don Megowan
― Denny Miller
Irving Mitchell
― Alberto Monte
Joanna Moore
― Michael Morgan
Rex Morgan Sr.
― Jeff Morrow
Arnold Moss
Henry/Harry Madden ― Arthur Malet

Mickey Manners ― George Matthews
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Charles Maxwell as Gus Torpin in The Sixteenth Cousin.
He was the one who tripped Soto.

He also was in Branded twice with Chuck Connors ― Seward's FollyThe Bounty. Every time I see him, no matter was it is I think of Branded - The Bounty when he painted a yellow streak down the back of Jas's coat while Jas was standing at the bar.

Maxwell frequently appeared as a guest star in western television series Gunsmoke — The Virginian — The High Chaparral — Bonanza — Laramie — Bat Masterson — Rawhide — Lawman — The Rebel — The Texan — Zane Grey Theater — Texas John Slaughter — Overland Trail — Bronco  — The Restless Gun — The Rough Riders — Tombstone Territory —The Cisco Kid. He had done a huge variety of other things but I just couldn't help list the Westerns! So you had to see this Cowboy at one time or another!

He was featured as the unseen radio announcer on Gilligan's Island.

Born: December 28, 1913, Long Island in New York
Died: August 7, 1993, Los Angeles, California

John Maxwell as Sam Weltz in The Challenge.
John Maxwell as Sam Weltz, the older rancher at the meeting.

He was an American film and television actor who appeared in over 100 films of the 1940s and 1950s. Many times the actor appeared in films uncredited. His television guest appearances included The Lone Ranger ― Lassie ― The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp ― Bonanza ― The Rebel ― Colorado 9 ― Klondike ― Bourbon Street Beat to name a few.

Maxwell also starred as Pappy Sawyer in Disneyland's television miniseries The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca.

He appeared in The Court of Last Resort (TV Series 1957 - 1958) as a regular and appeared with Patricia Blair in the 1960 Movie Cage of Evil (1960).

Born: March 11, 1918 in Spokane, Washington, USA
Died: July 18, 1982 (age 64)

*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for giving this cowboy his credit due!

 Asa Maynor as Molly in The Bullet.

Her career spanned through 1956 - 1972.

She is an actress and producer, known for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) ― Man Beast (1956) ― The Loved One (1965) ― Promise Her Anything (1965) ― Never Steal Anything Small  ― Under the Yum Yum Tree (1963).
Some of the TV Series she appeared in were in The F.B.I. (1972) ― The Twilight Zone (1963)  ― Wagon Train (1961) Harrigan and Son (1961) ― Tallahassee 7000 (1961) ― Hawaiian Eye (1960) ― Dan Raven (1960) ― The Sheriff of Cochise (1958) ― Chicago Confidential (1957) ― Lawman (1960), which she and her hubby, Edd Byrnes at the time, appeared together,

She was an actress and a producer and in In the 1990's she was an executive at NBC.

22 September 1936, Birmingham, Alabama

Paul Mazursky as Sylvester Bulgutch Hostages to Fortune.
He was one of the writers of The Tinhorn.

Mazursky was a Motion Picture Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor. He took a liking to drama at an early age and began acting professionally while studying Literature at Brooklyn College. He later studied Method acting under Lee Strasberg and began to appear on television during the early 1950s. His first film debut was in the Stanley Kubrick picture Fear and Desire (1953) and followed this with The Blackboard Jungle (1955).

In 1959, he moved to Los Angeles and studied Film at UCLA while performing in the school's repertory. During this period, he formed a comedy act with Larry Tucker. The pair would collaborate on several of his screenplays. By the early 1960s, he was writing material for such programs as The Danny Kaye Show and The Monkees. During the course of his career, he earned four Academy Award nominations, beginning with his first feature directing effort Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice (1969) ― Harry and Tonto (1975) ― An Unmarried Woman (1979) and Enemies: A Love Story (1990).
 He maintained his acting career and appeared on numerous TV programs.

He received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in 2013.

In his autobiography Show Me the Magic (1999), Mazursky recounts his experiences in filmmaking and with several well-known screen personalities including Peter Sellers.

From 2011 until his death in 2014, Mazursky served as a film critic for Vanity Fair.

Born: April 25, 1930 in Brooklyn New York
Died: June 30, 2014 in Los Angeles, California

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